Ridley Scott : In his own words

Alien. Blade Runner. Thelma & Louise. Gladiator.

The Good Wife. The Man in the High Castle. Raised by Wolves.

If you’ve watched anything worthwhile on a screen over the past four decades — any screen, really  — there is a good chance Ridley Scott has had a hand in it.

That’s because the remarkably resilient and prolific 83-year-old director/producer is nothing short of a human dynamo who seamlessly jumps from one genre to another medium. And with two new movies slated for theatrical release in the Fall — House of Gucci and the medieval epic The Last Duel, which reunites Ben Affleck and Matt Damon both onscreen and as screenwriters — and a third in preparation on the life of Napoleon starring Joaquin Phoenix, Sir Scott clearly shows no signs of slowing down. 

This week, we’re doing the synergy thing, and featuring an article on legendary director Ridley Scott that was recently published in Cult MTL (written by yours truly), where he shares insights on his movies, directing, how he got started in the business, how he was brutally disciplined in school when he was young — and how he gave Brad Pitt the best 17 minutes of his life.