73 Cows (2018)

Documentary short by Alex Lockwood
Pandemic Movie Index (out of a possible 5): 🦠🦠🦠🦠

Since we’re all struggling to find time to watch good films these days — which explains the unusual delay in emails, my apologies —  I thought I would change things up by proposing a short film.

This English short documentary won a slew of awards at various international film festivals and the quarter-hour you’ll spend watching it undoubtedly beats any time you’ll waste mindlessly roaming YouTube or watching Squid Games. 

Moving, touching, beautifully shot and brutally honest in its narrative, the film examines the “soul-crushing” dilemma beef farmer Jay Wilde faced whenever it was time to send a few of his beloved cows to the slaughterhouse (poetically referred to as “abattoir” in the UK — go figure).

Without getting too soppy or preachy, the film is so poignant that you’ll most probably shed a tear before the end of it (or get stuck with a mysterious lump in your throat, reactions can vary).

And while farmer Wilde ultimately finds a solution to his harrowing problem, his thought-process and transformation raise a ton of uncomfortable questions, starting with: how can we still be doing this to animals in the first place?